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December 1, 2015: Food Industry

Dairy Australia’s top ten cheese tips for the holiday season


Dairy Australia has today released a list of tips for Australia’s cheese consumers.

The tips are part of a campaign recognises the importance of cheese in the summer holiday vacation period in Australia.


December 1, 2015: International Dairy Industry

Adulteration screening project inspired Milk Fingerprinting development: Fonterra


Fonterra’s work with FOSS and Arla Foods on a method to screen for adulterants served as a foundation for the development of its award-winning Milk Fingerprinting technology.

Speaking with DairyReporter, Dr Jeremy Hill, chief science and technology officer, Fonterra, said without this earlier work it “probably wouldn’t have the platform or confidence” to develop its Milk Fingerprinting technology.

Fonterra teamed up with FOSS, a Danish analytical solutions provider, and Arla Foods in November 2012 to develop a method to determine whether milk had been tampered with for financial gain.


December 1, 2015: Australian Dairy Industry

Gippsland dairy farmers share strategies to cope with summer ‘feed gap’


Gippsland dairy farmers are sharing their plans to cope with a feed gap, ahead of what is forecast to be a hot and dry summer.

Many areas of west and south Gippsland missed out on significant spring rain, with some farmers already feeding cows silage, weeks ahead of schedule.

At Rob and Jenny Marshall’s Lardner dairy farm, near Warragul in eastern Victoria, the rolling hills stretching out to the Strzelecki Ranges are starting to dry out.

Mr Marshall said the landscape had dried out more quickly than usual, and the drying paddocks at the end of November, usually looked like this at the end of December.

He said his milkers were starting to lose condition, but he had a plan to make it through summer that included reducing his stocking rate.


December 1, 2015: Australian Dairy Industry

Milk production slows


Australian milk production was 0.4 per cent lower in October than the same month last year, on the back of dry conditions in Victoria.

The latest figures from Dairy Australia show Victorian production was down 1.8 per cent for October.

But year-to-date figures reveal growth, with production up 2.0 per cent across Australia.


December 1, 2015: Food Industry

Choosing Cheese: How to select and serve the best cheese


Every great party starts with a great cheese platter. Perhaps a nice wedge of brie, nestled next to a piece of blue and a chunk of manchego, some water crackers and crispy lavash on the side, accompanied by your favourite wine.

But unless you’re a professional “fromager”, or at least well versed in dairy delights, your cheese platter might come off as a little “ordinaire” and lacking that something special.

In this article, we explain how to pick the best cheese, regardless of whether you shop at the supermarket or a specialist, and how to serve it. We even suggest which type of wine to wash it down with.


December 1, 2015: Australian Dairy Industry

New president of Australian Dairy Farmers to focus on profitability

ADF Logo - Medium

The new president of the Australian Dairy farmers says that while trade deals are important, farmers need to be making money to be able take advantage of them.

Simone Jolliffe from Wagga Wagga, who is a dairy farmer herself, has been elected president of peak lobby group Australian Dairy Farmers, replacing Noel Campbell.

She said long-term profits was one of her key focuses.

“It’s definitely about a future focused industry. One where businesses are given the best potential to maximise their profits, for long term sustainability.”

She said short-term priorities included animal health and welfare issues and the Murray Darling Basin plan.

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