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Sales Executive - Brisbane Head Office

Maxum Foods is looking for an experienced and talented salesperson with trading experience in physical food commodities. You will effectively be building B2B relationships in the agribusiness commodity supply chain. Maxum Foods procures physical dairy ingredients from all around the world, stores these in geographic 3PL’s and delivers to food manufacturers in every capital city of Australia and NZ. You will be responsible for building a portfolio of food manufacturing customers (yoghurt/ ice cream/ bakery/ biscuit/ chocolate/ dessert/ protein) in several geographic locations through the Aust/NZ region.

To be an excellent producer, you must really understand the business in the dairy industry. That means knowing who the right people are, who to talk to and developing excellent relationships. In addition, you need to be extremely good at understanding the markets and have good market judgment. That takes more than study of the markets. It takes intuitive sense and feel, deal experience, and a certain way of thinking. You need to truly understand what your client’s needs are. You need to have excellent client relationships, so they’ll tell you what their real concerns and needs are. But you also need to understand the business they’re in and what makes sense for their business so that you can give good advice. You then need to work with product specialists (suppliers within Maxum Foods reach) to design a product offering. It’s the synthesis of these things – great relationship skills, great understanding of your client’s business, an ability to work with product suppliers, as well as great market judgment and understanding of the market. That combination puts you in a position where you will succeed.

You will need to work with Maxum’s procurement team (and suppliers) to help you design and deliver the correct product and service offering. But, if you’re overly reliant on them and not proactive you may miss opportunities. If all you do is drag a supplier/ procurement person to the client, the deal doesn’t always happen. Suppliers don’t always understand the client’s business – they understand their product. The Maxum Sales Manager is the nexus of all this information – market, supplier, product and client.

You need some aggressive characteristics. You cannot be easily intimidated by clients. You cannot be a person who is easily discouraged, either. You get knocked down a lot more then you do elsewhere. You need to be someone who can stand right back up again. The client base will do things competitively. They will get information or new ideas from you and do the actual deal with someone else. You can’t be discouraged when you lose business. You must be motivated to build a good enough relationship to make sure you get the last right of reply next time – and every time.

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