Barry Young – Technical Services Manager at Maxum Foods


There is much more to Maxum Foods than supplying dairy ingredients. One of the ways in which we can add value to your business is by offering the expertise of our Technical Services Manager, Barry Young.

Barry Young has been passionately immersed in the technical side of the dairy industry all his working life and has over 40+ years of chemical and microbiological laboratory experience with various dairy companies. Barry can assist you with recipe formulation and product substitution advice, so your business can deliver high performing and cost-effective end-products.

As an expert in the functionality of dairy products, Barry has helped numerous Maxum Foods customers improve the performance of their products. For example, increasing the protein content in food products is a current trend sweeping the food and beverage industry, Barry has assisted our customers with the protein fortification of yoghurts and desserts to meet the needs of these protein-savvy shoppers.

It’s not all about protein though, Barry can work with you on recipe formulation, suggesting a range of alternative dairy ingredients and discussing how each dairy ingredient will affect your end-product.  Additionally, Barry can also assist with the technical interpretation of PIF, PS and C of A documents where our customers do not have this capability in-house. Utilising Barry’s expertise is part of the Maxum experience and something that all valued Maxum customers can access at any time.

Learn more about Maxum’s commitment to innovation, new product development and how we help our customers stay ahead of the herd by watching our video below.

If you’re interested in learning more about Barry’s expertise and how he could help your business, contact your Maxum Foods Sales Manager on (07) 3246 7800.

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