Maxum Foods collects at this year’s Australian Growth Company Awards.


Last night Maxum Foods were proudly named ‘Business Services’ Growth Company of the Year at the ‘Australian Growth Company Awards’ ceremony held in Sydney.

The Australian Growth Company Awards were launched in 2012 and celebrate excellence in the mid-market. These awards specifically recognise companies that demonstrate high rates of growth, as well as innovation, integrity, contribution to community and sustainable growth.

CEO of Maxum Foods, Ben Woodhouse said “I am extremely proud of the small but extremely dedicated team we have at Maxum Foods. Many of our staff have been with us for a long time and have contributed significantly to this growth. It is our internal culture and our ‘never give up’ attitude which has allowed us to grow from nothing in 2003 to where we are today, thanks team!”

Maxum Foods have achieved rapid growth since opening their doors in 2003 and are now one of Australia and New Zealand’s principal suppliers and manufacturers of dairy ingredients to the food, health and animal nutrition industries. Dustin Boughton and Ben Woodhouse started the company because they saw a gap in the dairy supply chain to offer an exceptional service to food manufacturers from simple things like speedy, on time deliveries, to sourcing multi-origin ingredients and offering technical assistance to R&D teams.

“We knew that small to medium-sized food manufacturers usually order dairy ingredients for delivery the next day. What we found was that some multi-nationals and even distributors, were slow to move to accommodate these customers. They were missing a big niche and were letting customers down. That really made us start the bones of Maxum Foods – to add a level of service to not only help customers but also the big suppliers, too” said Ben Woodhouse.

Adding this level of value to the dairy supply chain has enabled Maxum Foods to achieve year-on-year growth since inception in 2003. In 2003, Maxum Foods had 2 employees servicing 5 customers (Australia only) and sold 600 tonnes of dairy per year with a total revenue of $2.7 million recorded. Fast forward to 2018 and they now have 38 employees servicing 960 customers across Australia and New Zealand selling 35,000 tonnes of dairy per year and recorded a total revenue of $150 million for 2018.

“Our rapid growth over the past 15 years has been propelled by a mantra of making life easy for our customers plus a lot of hard work and commitment. We now have over 100 years of collective dairy experience and our worldwide reputation is based on an unwavering commitment to dairy, a unique internal culture and exceptional customer service” said Mr Woodhouse.

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