Australian milk production bounces

Australian milk production bounced in February with production up 8.1 per cent on the previous year, the latest figures from Dairy Australia reveal.

But year-to-date production was down 2.6pc to the end of February.

The figures have not been adjusted for the leap year with an extra day in February this year.

Milk production was up in all states, except Queensland.

Gippsland and Tasmania are leading the resurgence.

Production in Gippsland was up a massive 22.1pc on the previous year, while year-to-date production is up 4.4pc.

Tasmanian production jumped 16.8pc in February with year-to-date production up 3.3pc.

Other regions recorded more modest increases in February: SA up 4.7pc (down 4.4pc year-to-date), NSW up 2.7pc (down 5.6pc year-to-date), WA up 0.5pc (down 3.7pc year-to-date), northern Victoria up 0.6pc (down 5.8pc year-to-date) and western Victoria up 3.9pc (down 5.3pc year-to-date).

Queensland continues to bleed production, down 4.9pc in February and 13.1pc year-to-date, confirming its position as Australia’s smallest milk producer, with just 3.5pc of the nation’s total.

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