SlimBiome® is an award winning, functional ingredient developed by leading specialists in metabolism and nutrition. Supported by both scientific and consumer results, SlimBiome® utilises microbiome science, reducing food intake and hunger cravings by promoting the feeling of fullness and maintaining blood glucose levels.

Tap Into The Digestive Health Trend With SlimBiome®

Backed By Human & Consumer Studies

SlimBiome® has been shown in human intervention studies to be an effective means of supporting hunger-free weight management when combined with a calorie-controlled diet.

In a prospective, open-label human study* performed by the University of Roehampton, utilising a meal replacement diet plan over 4 weeks*, SlimBiome®:

  • Had a positive impact on gut microbiome composition
  • Significantly reduced weight and body fat
  • Significantly reduced systolic blood pressure
  • Significantly reduced waist and hip circumference
  • Significantly improved users’ mood

* Consumer studies show an average weight loss of 2-3lbs per week and reduced calorie intake of >20% with lower levels of cravings.

How Does It Work?


Promotes a longer feeling of fullness by gently expanding in the stomach and gelling activity delays gastric emptying.


Stimulates the growth of health positive bacteria, promoting improved gut health.

Trace Mineral

Reduces food cravings by maintaining blood glucose levels. Regulates the insulin response, contributing to carbohydrate lipid and protein metabolism.


Bakery Products

Breakfast Cereals

Dairy Products

Snack Bars



Key Attributes

Heat stable in processing

Suitable for vegetarian/vegan diets

Gluten Free

No distinguishable taste/odour

Easily added during product manufacture


Proudly Awarded

Ingredient of the Year: Weight Management

Best Functional Ingredient for Health and Wellbeing

Ingredient of the Year: Weight Management

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