Sustainable and Delicious from the inside out

Canary Squeeze is the world’s first sustainably packaged single serve butter portion. This 8g pack is ideal for food service industries including hotels, cafes, restaurants and more. Make a change with plant based packaging!

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Grass fed, Double churned NZ Butter

Soft and spreadable every time, Canary Squeeze is a no mess, no fuss easy to tear packet filled with the most delicious creamy butter which is sealed to ensure food safety and hygiene standards.

made in new zealand

why it's so great

We’re incredibly excited to have developed and launched a single use butter portion in sustainable packaging. Canary Squeeze is an innovative product that will revolutionise the single serve butter market and we know it will make a really positive contribution to our environment.
— James GrAy, Co-Founder


Made from 96% plant based compostable films. All elements of the packaging are compost friendly and decompose in approximately 3 months.

This innovative product will make a significant difference to our environment and assist in reducing the amount of use of single-use plastics going into landfill.

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Maxum Foods are proud to be the exclusive distributor of Canary Squeeze in Australia.