Currently, more than 50 million single serve PVC plastic mini butter dishes with foil sealed lids, end up in landfill in Australia every year.

We’re incredibly excited to have developed and launched a single use butter portion in sustainable packaging. Canary Squeeze is an innovative product that will revolutionise the single serve butter market and we know it will make a really positive contribution to our environment.
— James Gray, Co-Founder


Our goal is to assist the hospitality and food service industry to become more sustainable and reduce the level of single use plastics.

Made from 96% plat based compostable films, All elements of the packaging are compost friendly and decompose in approximately three months.

This innovative product will make a significant difference to our environment and assist in reducing the amount of use of single-use plastics going into landfill.

Home composting

industrial composting

As the industrial composting facilities infrastructure vary from site to site it is recommended to contact the site operators to check availability and acceptance of used packaging.