We’re your dedicated dairy solution, bringing you brands from across the globe so you can create dishes using the finest dairy ingredients.

Why Maxum Food Service?

We’re at the forefront of the latest dairy trends and can help you create innovative culinary experiences.

We know dairy plays an important role in your signature dishes, you can rely on us to provide the finest dairy ingredients, every day.

We take the time to learn how you use your dairy ingredients so we can recommend the right ingredient for your dish.

Our Brands

Crafted to perform.

In the demanding, ever changing world of cuisine you need a butter that performs every time. Westgold’s Master’s Series is created for culinary professionals, traditionally churned for perfect results every time.


Create the best pastries.

Canary Butter Sheets are the best option for making the best croissants, danishes and puff pastries around. They are pliable, easy to use and can be used directly from the fridge.


Quality dairy ingredients every day.

Developed by Maxum Foods, specifically for the food service industry, Little Cove Dairy offers quality dairy ingredients at an affordable price. Providing milk powders to shredded cheese and everything in between, Little Cove Dairy strives to provide the best when it comes to dairy.

We are the dairy specialists.

Maxum Food Service can also supply a wide range of cheese and milk powder products in a variety of sizes suitable for the food service market. Please contact us to discuss your requirements today.

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